• I have been going to Dr. Manasi Pai for my oral hygiene for the past 2 years. I have found Dr. Manasi to be a very caring individual, always cheerful and wanting to know about you. Before I came to Dr. Manasi, my previous dentist used to scare me with all kinds of procedures, and used to charge all kinds of expenses, which were totally unnecessary. Dr. Manasi has a very high level of integrity, her skills are excellent, and is a great dentist to have. I would recommend Dr. Manasi to anyone who is in need of a dentist.
      Dr. Atul Laddu, MD, Ph.D
      Retired Physician / Researcher
    • Dr. Manasi Pai has been my dentist for the last 5 years. In addition to being expert at her craft, she is very pleasant to work with. The best thing I liked about her was that she did not do a high pressure sell of unnecessary procedures. She did exactly what was needed to keep my teeth (and gums) healthy, and nothing more. I would recommend her highly.
      Mr. Abhay Gokhale
    • I have always been skeptical of my dentists but that was before I met Dr. Pai.  She changed the definition of dentist in my dictionary. My previous dentist simply gave me a list of problems along with how much it costs to get them fixed. Dr. Pai however explained exactly what needed to be done and that to at a very reasonable price. She treats her patients like family and is very caring, loving and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Pai to be your dentist because she has now become my permanent one.
      Ms. Aruna Patil
    • I have been Dr. Pai’s patient for the past 2 years. Dr. Pai is a very efficient and caring dentist. She takes personal interest in her patients, and gives enough time to each patient. Her skills as a dentist are excellent. I would recommend her to all very highly.
      Mrs. J. Laddu
    • I had visited another dentist who gave me a long list of things I have to fix. I came to Dr. Pai for second opinion and she showed me what is wrong with which teeth and what is just cosmetic problem. She fixed it all on the same day at a reasonable cost. I like Dr. Pai’s honesty and our family has now become their lifelong patients.
      Mr. Antonio Gomez

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